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When working with this technique, you really have quite a bit of flexibility, with the paper and brushes, so use what you have, and don't be afraid to experiment.

Personally I really like the small squirrel, cat's tongue and dagger brushes handy, (and if you don’t have them, that’s ok) it just makes it more fun. Primarily I always use Arches CP paper but for this technique, softer sized papers work very nicely, such as Fabriano, Fluid 100 etc. you can even try using a hot press paper and see what happens.

Wash brush, Med Sword or dagger brush, # 30 Natural, #20, #14 Sable/Synthetic, #1, #3 Squirrel, #8 Escota, Med Cat's Tongue

·      Wash brush - any kind (I used a Wash Mottler #60)  

To keep your cost down I am providing some links items from the material list .

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