Beginners Toolkit

Just Getting Started, Fun and Easy Watercolor

Kids Supply List

Great for painting fun.

Supply List for Beginners

Perfect for aspiring, student, and novice artists. Includes higher-quality student-grade paint, paper, and brushes.

Student Cotman Brand Brushes

Student Da Vinci Brand Brushes

Student Brand Paper

Student Cotman Brand Paint and Sets

Course Toolkit

Recommended Materials. Refer to the supply list in your course for the suggested colors and brushes. To keep the cost down, consider paint sets and student-quality brushes.

Watercolor paint

Winsor & Newton Watercolors

Daniel Smith Watercolor

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Arches Watercolor paper

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Winsor & Newton Blend Brushes

Da Vinci Sable Mix B Brushes

Bamboo Hake Brush - 2-1/2

Brushes by Category

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Other materials

Covered Palette

Drawing Gum

Scrub Brushes

Atomizer Spray Bottle

Mist Spray Bottle

Graphite Paper

Kneaded Eraser