Become the artist you have always dreamed of

This self-paced course focuses on what is most important to set the composition apart and make it unique.

Learn to guide the viewer through the painting with design, color, highlights, and shadow on a journey that evokes emotion and wonder.

Good for intermediate and advanced artists.

Inside the Flower

Paint at your own pace

Go beyond basic instruction, eliminate the lines of brush, and work with light and shadow.

It's easy to paint what you see, but taking it further toward the edge of abstraction and journeying deep into the creative process is a different experience.

About your instructor,

Birgit O'Connor

Master artist Birgit O’Connor is an internationally known award-winning artist, judge, juror, and author known for her original paintings and inspirational teaching style. She is a signature member of M-NWWS, M-CWA, M-LWS. Her memberships include Cambridge Who’s Who, Who's who in America and Who's who in American women. 

Her books “Watercolor in Motion”, “Paint Watercolor Flowers” and “Watercolor Essentials” are top-selling titles in her field, along with being included in over 60 national and international publications such as the New York Times, SF Gate, Watercolor Magazine, Dobry Zank, (Poland) "L'Art de l'Aquarelle (France).

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