Floral Passion Star flower, Independent Study

Dive deep into the layers of watercolor

Painting a pretty picture, or a vase full of flowers, never much interested me but I have always been intrigued by the shapes, form and color, and how could something that is so delicate that strong. Fowers have the ability to heal, convey feelings, with stand all sorts of weather conditions, and remain always be beautiful, so painting them using the water on the surface, tilt of the paper and flow of color n watercolor became a journey without restriction.

Dive deep into the layers of the watercolor medium, and just when you thought you were done, you’re not, I’ll take you on a journey of how to push areas back, and pull petals forward, while doing both positive and negative painting and so much and more.

As you work through the lessons you will develop a deeper understanding of how to apply these techniques into your own paintings, while creating two beautiful paintings that you can frame and enjoy.

Your Instructor

Birgit O'Connor
Birgit O'Connor

Birgit O’Connor, known for her original paintings and inspirational teaching style, is an award winning artist, master artist of CWA, NWWS, LWS and respected judge and juror.

She is the author of the top-selling North Light books “ Watercolor in Motion”"Paint Watercolor Flowers" and “Watercolor Essentials”

Birgit has been included in over 60 national and international publications. Her memberships include Cambridge Who’s Who, Who's who in America and Who's who in American woman

What Students say

"WOW, DEEP, is an inadequate description, all aspects of layering and glazing is like no other. When I look at these lessons, I am starting to see things so much differently than I have been as a student painter. You really have done a very wonderful and complete job translating these paintings into lessons. I now look deeper, can see more, and understand a deeper level of the creative process." Trish Kuncewicz

"Incredible, I have now learned how much the subtle shading, dramatic layering, intricate negative painting, and intriguing color combinations, helps the blossoms emerge in all their glory from the carefully designed background. Mastering this painting has taken my skills to the next level!" Sue Warnock

" I have learned so much in this deep dive class. I didn't realize it takes courage to add one more glaze. LOL. Thanks for a very helpful, challenging and satisfying assignment." Vicki Smith

"I have grown so much through your class. You are a natural born teacher and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Thank you", Jodee Todd

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