Material list

In this course Rocks, we have lot of flexibility, we will be working with fairly limited palette, and many of the colors and other items may be what you already have at home and on hand.



·     # 30 Natural round brush

·     # 8, # 14, # 20 round Sable/Synthetic blend brush

·     # 3 round Synthetic brush

·     2 ” Bamboo Hake brush, mop or other wash brush


·     2 sheets 300 lb. cold press Arches watercolor paper

·     2 sheets 140 lb. cold press Arches watercolor paper

·     (Consider more paper for practice)

Transparent watercolor based

Winsor & Newton is the primary brand of color used in the lessons watercolor, but any brand will work.

·     French Ultramarine blue

·     Indigo

·     Burnt Sienna

·     Quinacridone magenta

·     Quinacridone Gold

·     Indian Yellow

·     Perm. Sap Green

·     Raw Sienna or yellow ocher

·     Winsor Blue Green shade (optional)

·     Cobalt turquoise (optional)

·     Perm Alizarin Crimson (optional)

·     Winsor Violet Dioxazine (optional)

Other materials

·     Large 1-gallon plastic wash bucket (or large Tupperware container)

·     # 2 office pencil or # B art pencil

·     Palette - covered plastic pallet with shallow wells (I like Richeson pallets)

·     Paper towels

·     Old terry cloth

·     Notebook

·     Pencil (2HB is fine)

·     Pebeo Drawing gum (or other masking fluid)

·     Mr. Clean Eraser (available in the cleaning section of the grocery store)

·     Fingertip spray bottle

·     Toothbrush (medium to hard)

·     Clear Contact paper (clear tacky shelf paper found in hardware stores or even at a dollar)

·     Scissors

·     Exact-o knife

·     Painter’s tape or artist tape

·     Masking tool (incredible nib, crochet hook, wooden end of a brush etc.)

·     Magic eraser (Mr. Clean) or melamine foam eraser

·     Cellulose sponge

·     Apron and latex gloves (to protect you clothes and keep your hands clean if you like)

·     Rubber pic-up eraser (optional)

Optional materials used in the third section

·     Stencil (Cell theory) or make your own (for lessons on foam)

·     Sponge roller

·     Sanding sponge (available at hardware stores)

Watercolor on a budget

·     If want to keep the cost down, you may substitute beginner’s watercolor sets (transparent colors tubes not pans).

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