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Many of you know just how much I just "Love" making a mess with my tooth brush, but I often hear my students say how tired their thumbs get and how they find it challenging to control the spatter, of coarse there are other ways to spatter, spray bottle, using a screen, raking over a card or knife and as far as the uncontrolled spray (it's all in how you hold the brush) in any case, my amazingly cleaver student Ann Nunziata just told me about her success using a very cool tool the Kemper Spatter brush.

Ann told me how much easier it was to use and I have see it before (but you know I just love that tooth brush) in any case you might find this tool helpful too and it might help to save your thumbs or fingers.

From what I see you can get it with or without the metal pin. You can find it on Amazon or you art supply dealer (Kemper Spatter brush or just ask for a spatter brush) if you would like to give it a try.

And instead of me re-creating the wheel and doing a mini video here is a short how to use video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7YNKYplGvY

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