Choosing your artistic path

If you're interested in watercolor painting often we really have no idea of where to start, and the secret is, we all start at the same place at the beginning.

When it comes to painting we all have different, goals some people just want to have fun, or build their skill set, others want to become an accomplished artists and sell the paintings and enter into competitions.

I have written three books and many articles on watercolor painting and for years I traveled nationally and internationally teaching in person workshops, what I found being online has given me an incredible amount of freedom for myself and my students to grow.

I remember the days of feeling very insecure and not having any idea of how to approach watercolor or where to start, and just watching the movement of water in color on the paper and the joy it gave me.

This section is for you, to get you started on your creative path and feel confident while having fun as you build skills.

Just Having Fun / New beginners

Using student grade paints and paper, this is an easy way to start, working on fun colorful projects while keeping the focus on very simple lessons, getting the general idea of working with water, color, and brushstrokes.

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Just getting Started /  Beginner

For those that have never picked up a brush but want to slowly build skills and start with the simple lessons to come more comfortable before moving on. Weekly meeting offered.

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Watercolor in Motion / Beginners - Intermediate

This is a great way to build skills before joining workshops or focused courses, (this is not a requirement for courses) only that some students feel more confidant before joining more advanced courses.

Based on a combination my three books, "Watercolor in Motion" "Watercolor Essentials" and Painting Flowers in Watercolor" a full curriculum is included with the course designed to build on each lesson.

Weekly meeting offered.

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