2021 Online Schedule


April 27 - June 8, Fearless Flowers 

April 27 - June 8, Painting Loose and Free

April 27 - June 8, Seascapes

April 28 - May 1 Dancing Tulips 3-day Workshop


White Flowers (6-week course)

Backgrounds & Shadows (6-week course)

Boats (6-week course)

Dancing Tulips in Watercolor

3-day Online Workshop

April 28 - May 1

What I Love about this online option is that we are able to go even deeper into the creative process, then we can in onsite workshops. Here, the process is broken into manageable sessions, and NOT just only Zoom meetings, you have the option to paint at your own, or join the live meetings.

The workshop includes, demonstrations, checkin's, problem solving, and painting reviews, along with the recorded meetings and access to the downloadable lessons. Visit the enrollment link for the workshop schedule.

Enrollment closed