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"Your teaching methods are so powerful, and your courses have enabled me to see almost everything in a very different way than I did "pre-Birgit"! Thank you so much for opening up my mind and helping me to make my paintbrushes work for me in a way they never did before. I will definitely be taking advantage of learning more from you whenever I can." Thank you" - Gloria Andison

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Beach Chairs

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Rocks Sand & Seaglass

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The Love of Lighthouses

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Backgounds & Shadows

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Paint a Series of Barns

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Loose Landscapes

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Waves & Water #1

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Row Boats

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Natures Abstraction - Kelp

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Light & Shadow

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Pink Starflower

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Flowers in Bloom

Embark on a dynamic journey

From start to finish, your painting transforms and grows. Find out more - CLICK HERE

Open Rose

Floral Abstraction

Dive deep into the shadows and design.

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Loose Floral Painting

Work with your brushstrokes

Use your imagination and be more creative.

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Rhododendron Bud

Floral Abstraction

Working with complementary colors.

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The Heart of the Flower

Floral Abstraction

Discover the movement of water through abstract. Find out more - CLICK HERE

Large Flowers

Full-sheet painting,

Expand your skills. Journey of artistic growth and development. Find out more - CLICK HERE


Immerse yourself in San Francisco’s iconic church and the quaint alleys of an Italian village. CLICK HERE

Set Sail with Color

Colors can significantly influence the emotional impact of the painting. CLICK HERE

I had purchased all your watercolor books way before I found you were teaching online!!! What a gift! Thank you, Birgit, for teaching online! Your online lessons bring joy to those of us who otherwise would not be able even to know who you are and learn from you and the joy & happiness you bring to so many of us. Eileen Revere
"Thank you!!! I would never have thought I could paint like this—amazing instruction and so easy to follow. You are an excellent teacher!!" - Kathleen Parker
"Birgit, although I have watched your ArtistNetwork, this is my first time taking one of your live classes. I have to say, your live class was phenomenal! Your step-by-step teaching style is a perfect fit for me. I look forward to taking more live classes from you in the coming year. Thank you for providing such valuable and fun courses," Cheryl Walrath-Duran

About Birgit O'Connor

A master of transparent watercolor and with Master Signature Status of the (NWWS) NorthWest Watercolor Society, (LWS) Lousiana Watercolor Society, (CWA) California Watercolor Society.

My top-selling books include “Watercolor in Motion,” “Paint Watercolor Flowers,” and “Watercolor Essentials.” I have also been published in over 60 other national and international publications, such as Splash, Watercolor Magazine, American Watercolor Magazine, International Artist Magazine, Australian Artist Magazine, the New York Times, SF Gate, Watercolor Magazine, Dobry Zank (Poland), and L’Art de aquarelle (France).

featured instructor with many Art Centers and Watercolor Societies throughout the United States and Canada, and A faculty member of Watercolor Live 2020, 2021, 2023. Additionally, my work has been juried into several national and international exhibitions. I have also served as a judge and juror for numerous shows, including the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. Her memberships include Cambridge Who’s Who, Who's Who in America, and Who’s Who in American Women. 

"Your course videos and instructions, handouts etc were absolutely perfect. You leave nothing out of the instructions, thank you so much" - Kathryn Bevin

Student paintings

"I’ve taken many of Birgit’s classes and can honestly say they’ve made retirement the best part of my life to date - and I’ve had a great life. I’m a total amateur but the learning process is so rewarding and fun it doesn’t matter. Birgit’s the best!" - Ally Keppel

Student Paintings

Kerry Woodward

Student painting

"This course offers so much, and I learned a lot. I also like that I can pace myself and do the lessons when it fits my schedule.

Jessica Shaffer

Student painting

“I am excited to incorporate what I have learned into my own paintings. Thank you!”

Cindy Burlingam

Student Painting

I am loving learning more about the brushes and how to get consistent color in the background.


Student Painting

Through this course, I became much more confident. Thank you for all of your encouraging comments.

Sylvia Wise

Student Painting

I’ve been trying to be fearless with my composition, and you inspired me more than I could have imagined with this challenge!

Gay Weston

Student Painting

"Your classes are absolutely addicting!! I am finally getting the results I want."

Denise Mendelsohn

Student painting

I absolutely loved this class, and I've learned so much. You are such a generous teacher, my tendencies are toward very controlled and tight paintings and I could not have done this painting of my Grandson in Hawaii without this course. This course has inspired me!

Thank you so much for your time and generosity.

Vicki Marcinko

Student Painting

This was so much fun; I really understand how to use the brushstrokes now, and I enjoyed exploring backgrounds.

Susan Patterson 

Student Painting

This painting has changed my thinking and perception of myself. It is the most complex painting I have done. For the first time, I feel like I can call myself an artist. It really impacted me. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful teachings. The Blooms course was a game changer for me. I feel like I have the courage now to paint big and grow.

John Egan

Student painting

"Thanks again for an enjoyable class. Letting the painting tell you what it needs or which way to go is a huge lesson in making paintings that evoke a feeling or mood. Seeing how you move the paper around and let the pigments mix and flow gets me away from copying a photo and closer to expressing something about the scene that attracted me. I'm always challenged to be expressive and not repetitive. Your techniques are a big help in developing my own style and moving in that direction."

Gail Gabriel CA

Student Painting

I have SO loved this class! Your teaching is absolutely unparalleled excellence and I didn't know it would be so much fun and so very satisfying too!! ... I could get carried away. 

Waves & Water

I had so much fun. I loved the results and I’m now feeling more confident. Thank you! Denise Mendelsohn