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Learn The Secrets To Painting Stunning Tulips!

Do your paintings look too cute or overworked? 

Tulips are beautiful flowers, but painting them can be a little tricky. You can keep them simple and cute, like Easter eggs on sticks, but making an engaging, thought-provoking story is another thing. Learn how to change the composition, flow color with intention, and, most importantly, gracefully retain highlights.

Paint along with the Workshop Replay!

You missed the workshop but can still immerse yourself in the experience and paint along with the recording, or sit back and relax, take your time, and enjoy the process with the step-by-step lessons.
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White Tulips

Workshop Replay

Are your paintings overworked, messy, and out of control?

I'll teach you to paint white tulips, keeping their delicate and subtle nature while still making a statement.

If you missed the Workshop, you can still immerse yourself in the experience and paint along with the recording, or sit back and relax, take your time, and enjoy the process with the step-by-step lessons.

Get inspired, gain confidence, challenge yourself, and create a beautiful painting 

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Spring Flowers - Daffodils

Workshop Replay

Daffodils have become a cornerstone of any garden, and their cheerful presence can positively impact mental well-being.

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"Thank you!!! I would never have thought I could paint like this—amazing instruction and so easy to follow. You are an excellent teacher!!" - Kathleen Parker

Workshop Replays

If you missed the Workshop, you can now paint along with the Replay. Focus on selected lessons that include the workshop and replay, segmented lessons, and loads of other tips.

Canna Lily with Water Drops

Workshop Replay

The Elegant Calla Lily

Workshop Replay

Pink Starflower

2-Day Workshop Replay


2-Day Workshop Replay

Harmonizing color

2-Day Workshop Replay

Casablanca Lily

Workshop Replay


Workshop Replay


Workshop Replay

Sweet & Simple

Workshop Replay

Rose Bud with Water Drops

Workshop Replay

Frog & Flowers

Workshop Replay

Bold, Beautiful Color

2-Day Workshop Replay

Beach Chairs

Workshop Replay

Loose landscapes

Workshop Replay

Favorite Barns and Ranches

Workshop Replay

Set Sail with Color

Workshop Replay

Painting Snow

Workshop Replay

Light & Shadow

Workshop Replay

"Birgit, although I have watched your ArtistNetwork, this is my first time taking one of your live classes. I have to say, your live class was phenomenal! Your step-by-step teaching style, interactivity with the students, clearly stated instructions, demonstrations, and answering students' questions were all a perfect fit for me. I'm already looking forward to taking more live classes from you in the coming year. Thank you for providing such a valuable and fun course, Birgit! Cheryl Walrath-Duran

Watercolor in Motion Membership

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"Your teaching methods are so powerful, and your courses have enabled me to see almost everything in a very different way than I did "pre-Birgit"! Thank you so much for opening up my mind and helping me to make my paintbrushes work for me in a way they never did before. I will definitely be taking advantage of learning more from you whenever I can." Thank you" - Gloria Andison

Bundle Offers!

These bundles are jam-packed with fan favorites that take you through various skills and styles.
Dynamic Flowers

Includes 6 courses

Floral Abstraction

Includes 3 courses

Paint BIG! Dynamic Florals

Includes 3 courses

Desert Landscapes

Includes 2-courses

Exotic Orchids

Includes 5 courses

Beginners Bundle

Includes 3-courses

Flowers Made Easy

Includes 3 courses

"I’ve taken many of Birgit’s classes and can honestly say they’ve made retirement the best part of my life to date - and I’ve had a great life. I’m a total amateur but the learning process is so rewarding and fun it doesn’t matter. Birgit’s the best!" - Ally Keppel

About your instructor

Birgit O'Connor

Master artist Birgit O’Connor is an internationally known award-winning artist, judge, juror and, author, known for her original paintings and inspirational teaching style. She is signature member of M-NWWS, M-CWA, M-LWS. Her memberships include Cambridge Who’s Who, Who's who in America and Who's who in American women. 

Her books “Watercolor in Motion”, “Paint Watercolor Flowers” and “Watercolor Essentials” are top selling titles in her field, along with being included in over 60 national and international publications such as the New York Times, SF Gate, Watercolor Magazine, Dobry Zank, (Poland) "L'Art de l'Aquarelle (France).

"Your course videos and instructions, handouts etc were absolutely perfect. You leave nothing out of the instructions, thank you so much" - Kathryn Bevin

Paintings by Students

from courses.

Floral Abstraction Course

Thank you again for inspiring me to turn a flower photo into an abstract concept. This is a very interesting course that provides me with many ideas and information.

Chrissie Chen

Floral Abstraction Course

I'm so excited about how I can now create my own painting.

Diana Porter

Floral Abstraction Course

I wanted to thank you for this incredible workshop. I love how you talk about the decisions you are making, the colors you choose, and the brushes you use. It is so helpful. What a difference that made. Thank you for being such an encouraging, fun, and amazing artist. I look forward to years of inspiring workshops with you!

Christine Millett

Waves & Water Course

I absolutely loved this class, and I've learned so much. You are such a generous teacher, and I've learned so much, I paint very detailed and my tendencies are toward very controlled and tight. I did from a photo of my Grandson in Hawaii. I could not have painted this without this course. Today's class inspired me!

Thank you so much for your time and generosity.

Denise Mendelsohn

Waves & Water Course

I had so much fun. I loved the results and I’m now feeling more confident.

Thank you!

Denise Mendelsohn

Waves & Water Course

I never tried the combination of French Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna until I saw you use it in the 'Clouds and Waves' lesson. It really changed my approach to sky color. Letting the painting tell you what it needs or which way to go is also a huge lesson in making paintings that evoke a feeling or mood. Seeing how you move the paper around and letting the pigments mix and flow gets me away from copying a photo and closer to expressing something about the scene that attracted me to it. I'm always challenged to be expressive and not repetitive, your techniques are a big help in developing my own style and moving in that direction. Thanks again for an enjoyable class.

John Eegan

Watercolor in Motion

I have painted with Birgit for over five years and the best testimonial that I can give is what others have told me. They point out how much I have grown since taking her classes. She covers skills from beginning to advanced. I love to go through the WIM curriculum to hone my skills. There are so many lessons that I visit and revisit. The Dragonfly lesson was a good reminder on painting loose. Jump in, the water is fine!

Claire Shadow

Waves & Water Course

Thank you for a fabulous class. It is so jam-packed with techniques, brush strokes, use of water and color, but so many other subtle techniques. I appreciate that you included ways to change the paintings and add our own spin. 

I would love to take it again.

I appreciate, too, your critiques that are so helpful and so encouraging. We are in a safe place to learn, stretch and grow. 

THANK YOU for being you. 

Spring Walton

Beyond the Courses Member

"Your classes are addicting!!"

Gay Weston

Flowers in Bloom Course

Birgit, I want to thank you!!!

This painting has changed my thinking and perception of myself. It is the most complex painting I have done. For the first time, I feel like I can call myself an artist. It really impacted me. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful teachings. The Blooms course was a game changer for me. I feel like I have the courage now to paint big and grow.

Susan Patterson 

Lighthouse Course

I have SO loved this class! Your teaching is absolutely unparalleled excellence and I didn't know it would be so much fun and so very satisfying too!! ... I could get carried away. Gail Gabriel CA.

Lighthouse Course

Your lessons and teaching skills are marvelous and so helpful. 

Linda Wiltfong